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MACTE Accredited Diploma in Montessori Early Childhood Studies (AMTI004B) commencing from February 3rd 2024

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Internationally Accredited Montessori Teacher and Educator Courses and School Residency Programs

The Australian Montessori Training Institute (AMTI) is committed to providing quality Montessori training courses to the Montessori community, and to those interested in becoming qualified in the Montessori Method. Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) is the world accrediting body for Montessori Teacher Training Organisations.

AMTI offers individual training, a school residency program and childcare services pertaining to the Montessori approach.

Through partnerships with schools and centres we develop a tailor-made residency program for a flexible duration to suit the school’s need. All our courses can lead to MACTE teacher training accreditation.

Applicant for MACTE Accreditation

Affiliated with Montessori Australia

How Do We Support Educators?

AMTI provides the only Australian teacher training platform for innovative Montessori training with a MACTE international certification.

Whether you are looking for support staff, refresher courses or a full globally accredited teacher training courses, AMTI has developed the programs to suit your preferred study mode.

How Do We Support Schools?

Our targeted and tailored services help schools, teachers, coaches, and leaders deliver effective public, faith-based and private Montessori education.

Teemu helps Kyan with large bead frame addition

How Do We Support Centres?

Our targeted and tailored services help centres, teachers, coaches, and leaders deliver effective Montessori education

AMTI China

Courses are also available in Chinese from our office in Shanghai and Yiwu, China, deliver Montessori training courses in Chinese.

Visit here for more information.

Why Montessori? with Mark Powell

A guide to the transformational Montessori method of auto-educating the whole child.

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